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VisitOstiaAntica is a social promotion association aimed at promoting the cultural heritage of the territory of the Roman coast, characterized by a historical-archaeological heritage which, by extension and state of conservation, can be considered unique in the world. The extreme proximity to the Eternal City has strongly penalized the enhancement and knowledge of the cultural plurality that the sites of the Coast, both ancient and modern, express.

The aim is therefore above all to convey knowledge and use of the Ostia Antica Archaeological Park, which from 1 September 2016 (finally) also includes the sites of the imperial ports of Claudius and Trajan and the necropolis of Isola Sacra. The exceptional nature of the archaeological heritage does not exclude particular attention to the historical events that have marked this area from antiquity to the present day.

In the belief that these places can offer everyone, young and old, the opportunity to carry out both cultural and pure entertainment activities – thanks to the proximity of the sea, the Tiber river and one of the largest pine forests in Europe -, VisitOstiaAntica offers a series of very diversified initiatives, aimed at both an Italian and international audience. To achieve these goals, we have created a team of highly qualified and motivated people (tourist guides, nature guides, archaeologists, art historians, historians, botanists, zoologists, psychologists, teachers), who know the area because they live it every day.

Promotion and cultural development of the Roman coast

Visit Ostia Antica was born from the experience of the cultural association L’Info-Attiva of Ostia Antica, a “cultural workshop” whose object is the monitoring, promotion and coordination of tourist, cultural, aggregation, training and development of the territory of the Roman coast. These activities have as their fulcrum the medieval village of Ostia Antica, a place where past and present meet and from where it is possible to start again to rediscover that multi-ethnic and intercultural vocation which for centuries was one of the most marked peculiarities of the ancient ports of Rome.

To pursue these purposes, the association has carried out numerous promotional and redevelopment activities in the area in recent years, such as cleaning the Ostia Antica station, in collaboration with Retake Roma onlus. Since its establishment, the Info-Attiva has also joined the Promoting Committee for an Integrated Archaeological System Fiumicino-Ostia Antica, a movement of citizens who have fought over the years to make the archaeological sites of the coast the real driving force for the relaunch of cultural tourism. of this very rich territory.

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