What to do and see in Fiumicino

Many know this town only because it is home to the Rome Airport, but in reality Fiumicino holds many archaeological treasures and just as many food and wine riches to enjoy.

Fiumicino’s name is famous all over the world because the intercontinental airport “Leonardo da Vinci” is located in its territory, but this municipality, which is one of the largest in Italy by extension, preserves priceless artistic treasures, as well as real food and wine pearls. In fact, the new Ostia Antica Archaeological Park is located straddling the municipalities of Rome and Fiumicino, divided by the Tiber River, which for centuries united the ancient ports of Rome. If Ostia Antica was the river port, it was in the area on which the airport now stands that Emperors Claudius and Trajan built a seaport equal to the trade of the epicenter of the empire. When this collapsed, under the impetus of the Germanic peoples who slowly succeeded in imposing themselves, the area at the mouth of the Tiber remained strategic both for the control of the coast and for the presence of (at the time fundamental) salt marshes. This is why the area is dotted with medieval watchtowers, two of which are located in the Ostia area: Tor Boacciana, built on the foundations of an ancient Roman lighthouse, and Tor San Michele, which some attribute to the genius of Michelangelo.

But Fiumicino is also, and above all, a favorite place to eat the fish that arrives fresh in the Fiumicino canal, the ancient Fossa Traiana that still teems with boats. The smell of the sea can be smelled in the historic center, and all palates can be satisfied as they range from a plate of fried squid to oysters accompanied by a glass of fine wine.

Not just a place of transit then, but an area to be discovered, with the archaeological sites of the imperial ports, the extraordinary Isola Sacra Necropolis, the elegant QC terme spa, and the other places of culture and entertainment of the Litoral just a stone’s throw away: Ostia Antica and Ostia Lido.

Experiences to live in Fiumicino

QC Terme

Via Portuense 2178/a

A luxury resort within walking distance of the hexagonal basin of Trajan’s harbor, a masterpiece of Roman architecture. The ruins of the imperial harbors are not accessible from the spa, but an afternoon in this enchanting place, where you can not only enjoy the spa but also eat and stay overnight, can definitely be combined with a visit to the imperial harbors, which are only a few hundred meters away.

Kart Roma

Via della Muratella 49

For those who don’t want to give up adrenaline, not far from Leonardo da Vinci Airport, in Ponte Galeria, is one of the most renowned go-kart tracks in the capital. Have fun with karts on a paved and lighted track 700 meters long!

Where to eat in Fiumicino

Il Tino

Via Monte Cadria 127

Inside the Nautilus Marina shipyard: a true excellence of the area, the Michelin star that shines in the brand new location on the banks of the Tiber continues to amaze with its refined cuisine where the quality of raw materials is the base from which I start everything and where chef Lele Usai prepares “in house” six types of bread, pasta and all the pastries. A must try!

Lilli alla Fiumara

Via Passo della Sentinella 126

Historic seafood trattoria at the mouth of the Tiber River, family-run and informal, cozy atmosphere.


Via della Torre Clementina 106

Street food. Calamari al cartoccio (baked squid) and many other specialties are a good and inexpensive alternative to the classic restaurant. Numerous places offer this formula along Fiumicino’s port-channel: try it to believe.

Colazione, gelato e caffè


Via di Monte Candia 127

Elegant bistro “son” of the restaurant “Il Tino,” which recently earned a Michelin star thanks to the extraordinary work of chef Lele Usai. In a striking modern location on the Tiber River, opposite the medieval Tor Boacciana, the restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and aperitifs. Upstairs, the fine dining restaurant “Il Tino” has moved in.

Terrazza dell’Hotel Tiber

Hotel Tiber’s café/restaurant offers a breathtaking view of Fiumicino’s harbor-canal and a panorama of a wide stretch of the Lungomare that is unparalleled in the area.

Bar Rustichelli

Via Giorgio Giorgis 25

The historic Rustichelli bar/pastry shop, a short walk from Fiumicino’s dock, offers a wide selection of cakes, pastries and rustics.

Gelateria Polo Nord

Lungomare della Salute 223/a

Excellent artisanal ice cream shop right on the Fiumicino waterfront.


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