Necropoli di Porto

The Necropolis of Portus

The mystery of death in ancient Rome and the many people buried in perfectly preserved tombs to be discovered.

The Necropolis of Portus (or Isola Sacra) is a vast cemetery that developed around the ancient Via Flavia-Severiana starting from the 1st century AD. A group of about 100 burials completely immersed in the silent nature of the surrounding countryside.

Along the way you will be able to observe and enter the ancient tombs that still retain part of the fascinating fresco and stucco decoration and you will get to know the names and stories of some of the people buried there. The exceptional state of conservation of the tombs make this necropolis a site of world significance.

Admission to the archaeological site is free (until October 2022)

For children under 18 there is a discounted price:

  • Children 0 ai 3 years = 0 EUR
  • Children 4 ai 12 years = 25 EUR
  • Children 0 ai 3 years = 0 EUR

The tour starts with a minimum of two paying adults.