Study day… Let me introduce you to a museum. Archeology Public Museums

On December 14, 2017, the Study Day was held at the Roma Tre University – School of Literature, Philosophy and Languages ​​”… I present you a museum. Archeology Public Museums “promoted by the History of Archeology and Roman Art course, in collaboration with ICOM-Lazio and the museums involved.

Founded in 1946, ICOM – International Council of Museums – is the international organization of museums and museum professionals committed to preserving, ensuring continuity and communicating the value of the world’s current and future, tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage.

The Study Day was an extraordinary opportunity for discussion between ICOM and the University, but in particular it was the students who put themselves to the test by presenting research works on various archaeological museums in the capital.

Attention was paid to some “minor” archaeological museums, such as the Antiquarium of Lucrezia Romana, the Antiquarium and the archaeological site of the Villa dei Quintili, the Archeology Museum for Rome, the Aristaios Museum and the Casal de ‘Museum Crazy people.

The investigations covered both the history of the museums and their relationship with visitors and residents. Ideas for future improvements and food for thought for the Directors present there were also proposed.

It was underlined that museums are deeply rooted in their territories, as they were designed for their neighborhoods and born from the desire not to close off the materials discovered in the deposits. At the same time, some critical issues were highlighted, such as the lack of signage, the lack of total accessibility and the lack of publicity.

Certainly other similar events will be organized in the future to forge an increasingly close relationship between ICOM, the University and the local area.

In addition, 2018 will be the year of cultural heritage, and of course in Italy a large space will be given to archeology.

Article by Maria Teresa Tozzi

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