Ostia Antica between Mithraism and Christianity

Ostia Antica between Mithraism and Christianity

Ostia Antica, Viale dei Romagnoli, 717, 00119 Roma, RM, Italia


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Discover with us the fascinating world of religions that coexisted in the Roman Empire for centuries and the secrets of the mystery cult of Mithras.

All our guided tours are always carried out by qualified tour guides who are experts at the Ostia Antica site.

This is dedicated to the many religions, mystery cults and magical rituals that coexisted in Rome, that often landed on the Italian coasts from the eastern regions of the Empire.

Ostia Antica, the port of Rome on the River Tiber, has been for many centuries a crossroads of languages, ethnicities, traditions and religions. Before Christianity became the official religion of the Empire (380), Ostia hosted gods of different origin: from Magna Mater, Isis, Attis and Serapis. Furthermore, Ostia also preserves one of the oldest synagogues of the Mediterranean area. This tour will let you discover some little-known parts of Ostia, which are essential to understand the dynamics of the ancient world. A fascinating journey that will touch, among other things, several mithraeums: the mystery cult of the god Mithras, brought from Persia by Roman soldiers, was in fact exceptionally widespread.

The price of the tour DOES NOT include the entrance ticket to the excavations of Ostia Antica.

For children under 18 there is a discounted price:

[we recommend, in the case of family groups, to consider the Family Tour option on this site].

  • Children 0 ai 3 years = 0 EUR
  • Children 4 ai 12 years = 25 EUR
  • Children 13 - 17 years = 60 EUR
  • The tour starts with a minimum of two paying adults.

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